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SugarSMAC Professional® Sugaring Courses

Body Sugaring Artist Certification

Sugaring is a lucrative business that allows you to work from anywhere with very few start-up costs. Flexible in nature, it is a service that can be done any time of the day. Whether you choose to pursue it full or part-time, you have the ability to create a schedule that is best suited to your lifestyle. Once you have completed our SugarSMAC sugaring courses you will have the confidence to start your own business or add the ancient art of body sugaring to your existing business. You will gain a clientele that will trust in your ability to take complete care of their sugaring needs.



Our intensive 2-day sugaring course for Individual Certification covers the following materials and much more:


  • What is body sugaring

  • The history of body sugaring

  • Hair anatomy and physiology

  • Skin anatomy and function

  • SugarSMAC advanced method of body sugaring

  • Hands-on practical training

  • The importance of nurturing sugared skin

  • How to start and maintain a successful sugaring business

Salon Certification

If you own or work in a salon or beauty bar, SugarSMAC offers salon sugaring courses. We know that sharing the knowledge and the theory behind body sugaring is essential for offering your clients the very best sugaring experience. SugarSMAC’s goal is to leave every esthetician empowered to pass along their education and knowledge. This will leave clients informed and ensured that their sugar practitioner knows how to take care of their individual needs. Our Salon Certification sugaring course provides estheticians with the most current theory and practical training to transform your salon into a world class body sugaring establishment.

Salon Certification Training Includes:

  • The differences between sugaring and waxing

  • Hygienic procedures

  • Overview of hair and skin anatomy and function

  • SugarSMAC advanced method of body sugaring (practical)

  • The Theory behind Body Sugaring

  • The importance of nurturing sugared skin with SugarSMAC Professional and Boutique products

Advanced Brazilian Certification

We invite those who have been previously trained in sugaring to take their education further, and to challenge themselves with the highest level of training in Brazilian Sugaring.

The Brazilian is at the heart of the sugaring movement. By taking our course, you will learn the speed and precision of artful Brazilian sugaring, and you will gain the confidence and knowledge to become a Brazilian master.

The Brazilian is an empowering tool for women looking to feel their best, with a more natural and less painful method of hair removal.

Upcoming Sugaring Courses

Winnipeg- L1: May 14-15, June 4-5, July 9-10.  L2: May 29, June 26, July 24.  Saskatoon- L1: May 14-15. Edmonton- L1: June 4-5

Zoom option available! L1 includes a BONUS Brazilian demo!! Interested in enrolling?
Email us at to learn more.