A.G.Timmons, ON
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“I absolutely LOVE the packaging. It's very clean and sharp looking. The Lush paste is great to work with. The body tonic, lotion and serum all smell amazing, and my clients say so as well. I did like how it was a pump, so I didn't have to pick the bottle up like the other company I was using. Overall, I am loving the entire line, and will be switching over to your company.”
J.N.Texas, USA
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I just took the Lush paste to a colleague of mine yesterday to have her try it, in turn, I was able to feel it when she used it for my Brazilian. It was the easiest and least painful Brazilian I have received. The sugar holds up, it rarely breaks down. It isn't sticky and doesn't leave behind a residue that we feel inclined to go back and pick up. My friend Pam absolutely LOVED it.
A.C.London, ON
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“I have to tell you, I have been sugaring for 10+ years and during that time I have tried several different brand products. I started with [Brand X] and always return to using [Brand X] as I have never found a product that compares as far as quality and consistency goes. I was hesitant to try yet another brand… but I figured I had nothing to lose. I was very impressed. I took my time and tried it on several clients (all different skin/hair types) and with each one I continued to be impressed. All in all, I'm very pleased with your sugar paste and will tell you it is absolutely up to the same quality as [Brand X]. I am really excited to have found you!”
J.A.Athens, GA
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“I have been using the Classic paste and I am LOVING it!❤️ I mostly do bikini/Brazilians and it has been working so well on getting all of the hair out, and I don’t have to do clean up spots as often because it gets all of the hair out the first time around. One small sugar ball goes a long way with this one! I definitely will try out the Firm paste later on as well, since I live in the hot and humid southeast USA and when the weather gets warmer, I need a firmer paste. 😁 I really appreciate you letting me try out your product. I’ll make an order soon. 🥳❤️”
A.R.Chiliwack, BC
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OMG I'm in love! Just did a half leg and underarm with the Classic, on super dry skin, and it was amazing! Minimal effort and hair came out effortlessly. Normally with the paste I'm currently using I would have to switch out, but not with yours. Going to place an order today."
C.R.Fort St. John, BC
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“I received my package and have been using your sugar since then for all my services and ABSOLUTELY love it! I will be making the switch. I'm also really happy with your great customer service. This was one of my first impressions with this company that the last one was lacking. So, thank you for being so amazing, I look forward to continuing my business with you!”
K.S.Kamloops BC
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“Wow, your customer service is unbeatable! I love that you're checking in. I'm so in love with your product and customer service!”
K.D. Leduc, AB
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I am IN LOVE with your sugar paste!!!!! It is fantastic!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to try your paste! You now have a new customer!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
L.H.Boise, Idaho
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“I am actually about halfway through the jar and honestly it’s great! It does stay very pliable through services and I am pleased with it! It is a great product and the company should definitely be proud! Thank you so much.”
N.M.Wailuku, Hawaii
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I really like the consistency of the firm paste, it does well here since it's so humid and warm. I didn't get stuck at all (full leg) and was able to easily work the paste onto the skin and it removed all the hair I wanted to remove as well I liked that the paste didn't get too soft and kept its integrity throughout the whole service, so I didn't have to keep grabbing more paste or put too much powder.
T.K.Pittsburgh, PA
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I will say I am pleasantly surprised with your product! I would like to order more once my business is at 100% again. I love the fluidity of the paste and the color is more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. I like the look of packaging a lot.
J.G.Charlotte, NC
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“I loved the sugar and how efficiently it worked to extract the bikini hairs. I literally did 2-3 molds and the classic was able to grab ALL of the hair.”
J.M.Waterloo, ON
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“Your Soap is a spectacular product and has been very well received by our clients as the 'latest addiction'! Thank you for reaching out, and congratulations on creating such stellar and well packaged products.”
S.O.Newburgh, Indiana
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“I really liked the smoothness of the paste. It didn't get stiff too fast and was able to use it for the entire service.”
J.J.Toronto, ON
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"I finally got a chance to sample the sugar and I really like it. The Classic was not too firm and not too soft, easy enough for me to use on larger areas if needed. The Classic was very versatile where I wouldn't have to order any other textures. I feel like that was perfect compared to [Brand X] where I need [Paste X] and then [Paste Y] for legs which I usually mix because [Paste Y] is too soft but the [Paste X] is a little too firm as well.”
T.B.Vernon, BC
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“I did manage to try the SugarSMAC Classic and did my arms. It was so smooth and easy to work with, no hair breakage and easy cleanup. I was surprised I had no redness. I see why your clients love it! I hope to try the rest of your line.”
L.J.Victoria, BC
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“We absolutely LOVE the cleanser! We have tried it on a few girls and it has improved our leg services for sure 🙂 Looking forward to working with you in our new journey with SugarSmac <3”
T.G.New York, NY
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I'm loving the SugarSMAC powder. So far it's the best of the powders I've tried for my work. The lotion is also one of my new fave things. So soothing and, so far, clients seem to respond well to it. No complaints and no skin reactivity from my clients!”
F.B.Mississauga, ON
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I am very grateful that I found your products. I have tried [Brand X] and other local products available in GTA, but none of them came close to the quality and consistency in paste as yours. I tried your Firm and Ultra-Lush and they both are amazing products (Firm I used in Underarm & Brazilian, and Ultra-Lush I used on legs & hands). Ultra-Lush lasted during the whole service. All hairs were removed along with peach fuzz, which is not possible to do so with [Brand X].
C.S.Fort St. John, BC
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“My friend introduced me to your sugar paste. One try and I'm sold! I've tired a few different brands over the years but I'm quite impressed with yours and will be making the switch to your products! I love the feel and ease of the paste and how long one ball lasts for more than one area. The fact that you do free shipping over $250 is also very appealing and appreciated! So far my clients have noticed a difference with me using your paste and they are liking it much better too! They notice how it feels different when being applied to their skin, so I'm impressed they are noticing a change and it's been positive!”