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SugarSMAC Tonic is a key product in the SugarSMAC line up. Body Sugaring naturally leaves behind empty hair follicles. These open pores are susceptible to inflammation and invading bacteria. SugarSMAC Tonic is the perfect safeguard! Chamomile, rose and witch hazel combine to create a powerful anti-bacterial team, while Calendula and aloe come along side to soothe, heal, and shrink inflamed pores.

SugarSMAC Tonic has been called, “A deep, quenching drink for the skin.” It is the optimal balm for Sugared skin, loaded with ingredients dedicated to protection from infection and ingrowns.

Usage: Apply generously to the skin after every Sugaring treatment. Apply it numerous times, everyday; whenever the skin needs soothing and quenching.

Key Ingredients: Chamomile, rose and witch hazel are known for their anti-bacterial properties. Calendula and aloe soothe and heal. Witch hazel calms the skin and assists in the prevention of ingrown hairs. 


Boutique (120ml), Bulk (1000ml), Single (240ml)


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