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Game Changer”something that changes everythingStripSugar is a game changer. Why? Put simply, for a waxer, StripSugar replaces wax. Give a client the option of an all natural, environmentally friendly, bio-degradable product or a synthetic, wasteful, non-renewable one. Which one will they choose? Give a waxer those same options with the added bonus of a quick and easy clean up and never burning a client. Which one will they choose? Most importantly, StripSugar works! Once a waxer applies a thin layer of Stripsugar, covers it with a muslin cloth and strips it away, the smooth skin left behind will convince them that wax, in all its various forms, is a thing of the past.

But it get’s better! Even experienced sugarists can take advantage of StripSugar. Ask a sugarist if they would rather do a Brazilian or a full leg and we know what they will choose. Full legs and arms are a lot of work, and for sugarists searching to lighten the load and cut their time in half, StripSugar is another tool in their kit that can make their job so much easier. But let’s be clear. StripSugar cannot do it all. Some treatments, like the perfect Brazilian, demand a stiffer paste in the skillful hand of mould-and-flick sugarist, and SugarSMAC’s Firm, Classic, Lush and Ultra-Lush are designed to meet that need in any room environment, for any skin condition – moist or dry, cool or hot.

For waxers, StripSugar changes the game by replacing their wax. For sugarists, StripSugar is a wonderful addition to the SugarSMAC family that can lighten the load and save time. Try StripSugar today. It truly is a game changer!



Classic   |   Firm   |   Lush   |   Ultra-Lush   |   Strip
Weight 950 g


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