Don’t Scratch Your Snatch!


Additional Information:

30 mL. Light amber colour. Subtle, botanical odour. 12 month shelf-life when stored away from direct heat and light.


Apply a few drops to effected area and gently rub in. For external use only.

Key Ingredients:

Olive, hazelnut, argan, and vitamin E oils blended with vitamin C esters, and CO2 extracts from Calendula and Chamomile.

Contains Hazelnut, those with allergies should avoid.

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Brazilians are beautiful! If only they would last. To add insult to injury, some Brazilians announce their return with an exasperating itch that simply refuses to be ignored. But no need to despair! SugarSMAC introduces, “Don’t Scratch Your Snatch!” An all-natural, soothing, anti-inflammatory blend of potent, vitamin rich carrier oils and calming CO2 extracts. With only a few drops this non-oily, light weight healer fully absorbs into the skin within minutes, and has beautifully performed its task of alleviating that demanding and annoying urge.

Sometimes the name says it all… “Don’t Scratch Your Snatch!”


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