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SugarSMAC Cleanser can seem like an enigma; a potent and efficient cleanser that somehow also manages to be mild and non-irritating. Sugarists who have used other cleansers have marvelled that it only takes half as much SugarSMAC Cleanser to prep the skin for Sugaring!

It works to remove oils, lotions, deodorants and dirt so that the paste can effectively adhere to the hair shaft. It is infused with tea tree essential oil to help eliminate bacteria and prevent ingrown hairs.

SugarSMAC Cleanser is the first step in the Sugaring process; completely biodegradable and Earth friendly!

Usage: Apply prior to treatment to cleanse any area of the skin.

Key Ingredients: Oats, rose and olive oil provide hydration and gentle cleansing. Tea tree essential oil is anti-bacterial and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. 


Bulk (1000ml), Single (240ml)


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