If you were to peek into our medicine cabinet, you would see how serious we are about using all-natural ingredients. Our Professional and Boutique line of products were created to deliver results. We spent years researching and testing high potency ingredients so that we could bring their amazing properties to sugared skin.


Lavender is a highly regarded essential oil known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the most prized herbs, lavender is also known for its healing and calming properties. 


Chamomile contains azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It works to take the edge off, while healing the skin. It acts as a potent remedy for inflammatory conditions, and also helps balance sebum production. Its healing and protective benefits, combined with its gentleness and a low likelihood of allergic reaction, make it a powerful ingredient.


Calendula is widely used in skincare because of its incredible ability to heal. It is also known for its ability to brighten skin and protect from blemishes. It is calming and helps sooth irritations.


This essential oil rightly deserves its reputation as a cure-all. Remember the tea tree craze of the ‘90s? There’s a reason for it. Tea tree oil works as an extremely powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.

Both our Professional line and our Boutique products were specifically created to care for skin that is being sugared. Using these proven products will help the skin stay clean, soft, supple, and ingrown free.