Jason Daase, President

Jason Daase became involved with SugarSMAC® after catching the vision from Elena of what a world-class Sugaring company could be. Prior to his involvement in SugarSMAC, Jason was an educator for 23 years who had a passion for training the next generation to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers. He has used his skill set to help guide the SugarSMAC certification programme, and to cast an exciting new vision for the future of the company. He is committed to increasing the prominence of Body Sugaring in the esthetics industry, and to making SugarSMAC Professional® Body Sugaring a household name.

Elena Daase -Founder

Elena started off her career as an esthetician. 15 years ago she was introduced to sugaring and it completely changed the direction of her life. She created her own line of sugar paste, and began training young sugaring practitioners across the country. SugarSMAC was born! She realized how impactful sugaring could be in helping women with sensitive skin, or prone to ingrown’s, find a gentler form of hair removal. Throughout her career she has specialized in Brazilians, doing far more than she can count, and has strived to make every experience as comfortable and pain-free as possible for every person who enters her room. She is currently the owner of a popular sugaring salon in Langley, B.C., The Lily Bar.

Winnipeg Sugaring Courses

Bilie-Jo Hamilton - Head Educator

Billie Jo is an industry veteran and has spent her entire working life in the esthetics industry. She began her esthetics career working in, and later running, her mother’s salon, Diane’s Hair Co. She operated it for 20 years, until she passed it on to her younger sister in September of 2020. Billie-Jo has been a large part of SugarSMAC since the early days of the company! Paired up with Elena, the two of them established a loyal customer base in Winnipeg which then quickly spread through Manitoba and Canada. In 2017, she opened up her own sugaring salon in Winnipeg, where she now runs a successful sugaring business and teaches monthly SugarSMAC sugaring courses. If you are lucky enough to take the Winnipeg sugaring course you will be in for a real treat!