Help, my Sugar Paste isn’t Working in Fall/Winter!

How to adjust your sugar paste when the seasons change

We recently received a message from a sugarist who was challenged by the way her sugar paste was behaving as the season changed from summer to fall:


“I’m struggling with the sugar paste. The sugar is amazing. It’s actually the weather which is making trouble for me at the moment. In the summertime the paste was working fabulously, but since the fall started, I’m having issues. When I try to sugar full legs, the sugar gets stiff and is hard to glide it on. My hand actually starts to hurt. I’m using the Ultra-Lush paste. Do you have any recommendation for what I should do?”


Can you relate? We have certainly heard this one before. Since this issue is not unique to this sugarist, we thought we would share our tips with the SugarSMAC community. We hope you find it helpful.

Troubleshooting your SUGAR paste AS THE SEASONS CHANGE


Try to match the room temperature to the temperature you experienced during the summer months. Turning up your thermostat may add a few dollars to your heating bill, but it may also make your sugaring much easier. Remember, not only will your ball of paste cool faster in a cooler room, but your client’s skin will also be cooler, accelerating the time it takes for the paste to stiffen up.

2. Make sure the paste is fully warmed.

Warm your paste in your warmer for 45 – 60 minutes so that the paste is uniformly heated. You can even try adjusting your warmer to a higher setting than you normally would.

3. Mix your sugar ball with a softer paste

For example, try mixing an Ultra-Lush ball with a little bit of Strip Paste. Mixing can be a trial-and-error process, but many sugarists have had success getting their paste to the desired pliability by experimenting to find the perfect ball.

We designed Strip Paste not only for those untrained in mould-and-flick hand sugaring, but also for experienced sugarists who may want to give their wrist a break. Strip Paste can be used with an applicator and muslin cloth, so it is definitely easier on your hand, especially in colder environments.

We hope that these tips will help you adapt your sugaring to the change in seasons. Let us know if you have a different way of adapting your sugaring to the change of seasons. We would love to hear all about it and may even share it with the SugarSMAC community in a future blog or email.

If you are curious about Strip Paste, we would encourage you to give it a try. We have even created a Strip Paste Guide to make using Strip Paste for the first time extra painless. Download it now by clicking on the link below.


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