Why Is Hair Left After the First Sugaring Appointment?

Most clients who are inexperienced with waxing or sugaring will have an expectation of 100% smooth and hair-free skin after their first appointment. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Typically it takes a few sessions before clients will be completely hair-free in the days and weeks following their appointments. 

After a client’s first few sugaring appointments, they will typically have tiny ‘stubs’ of hair leftover. They may also notice quicker regrowth because some hairs had been just under the skin, and therefore weren’t removed during the appointment. This is because of the different stages of hair growth. We discussed this in our previous post, which you can find at the attached link. In short, hair on a section of skin is naturally always in different phases of the hair growth cycle. Therefore, during the first sugaring appointment, some hair will be too short to remove, others may not have even broken the skin, and yet others may be past the growth phase and are ready to fall out. Any hairs that have not broken the surface or are not at least ¼ inch will not be removed. 

Each time the client gets sugared, more and more of the hair is removed at the anagen (growth) stage, since more of the hair had begun the anagen stage at the same time.

Therefore, after a few appointments, most of the client’s hair will be growing at the same stage, resulting in smoother, longer-lasting results!

Managing Client Expectations

So, what do we do about these unrealistic expectations? While it would be great to be able to give all of our clients baby smooth skin on their very first appointment, there is nothing we can do about the small hairs left initially. The best thing to do is talk to the client about what they are to expect. In a professional, confident manner, explain to all your first-time clients how the hair growth cycle works and why they won’t see perfect results after their first procedure. 

If you do not educate the client properly, they will likely feel they did not receive excellent service and may not come back. 

Proper Technique

If you find that clients who have been getting sugared for a while are still having small hairs leftover or are experiencing faster than normal regrowth, the problem may lay in your technique. It would be worthwhile to attend a technique refresher class to ensure you are giving your clients the best possible results. Some common technique issues to look out for include:

  • Not Removing the hair in the direction of growth
  • Pulling the sugar upwards instead of parallel to the skin
  • Using a harder paste than necessary, which doesn’t allow the sugar to seep into the hair shaft as easily

Are you interested in booking a refresher class? Please send us an email at education@sugarsmac.ca so we can get you booked into an upcoming class.