Why Should I Become a Sugarist?

If you are considering body sugaring as your next career move, you have come to the right place! Sugaring is an exciting and relatively new service. It provides a fantastic career opportunity for anyone looking into working at a salon, sugaring clients from home, or even opening up your own sugaring salon.

Work in a Variety of Unique Salons

Working in a salon is a dynamic and exciting experience that is typically enhanced by the many co-workers you’ll soon be calling friends. Since most salons are in “cozy” workplaces, there will be a lot of working together, so you will likely get to know everyone quite well. Salons will often have a close-knit family feel due to the strong bonds you will create and the constant teamwork that is needed to keep things running smoothly. 

Earning potential

The earning potential for a sugarist at a salon will vary widely, depending on the wage structure. Make sure to consider how this structure will affect your paycheck when researching places to work. When working for an employer, you may get an hourly wage with tips provided by the client, along with commissions from any products that your client purchases. This is a safe way to receive a guaranteed income for yourself. Typically, once you have built a clientele, it is more beneficial to receive a commission. 

When working from home, monthly profits will vary depending on how much you wish to work. The more hours you put in, the more profit you will generate! Typically, for time spent with a client, you can expect to make as much as $100/hour!

If you are looking to own a salon, then get ready to work! This may be a long and challenging process. However, the potential rewards can far outweigh the hard work put in at the beginning. This brings us to our next section!

Own a salon

If you’re looking to maximize your potential, why not consider starting a salon of your own? Before you dive in, it is recommended that you work as an employee for a while. This will help you learn the ins and outs of the sugaring industry. 

Sugaring is still a fairly new industry, which means competition is still relatively low. It’s a great time to jump into this new, exciting, up-and-coming industry!

Work Out of Your Home

If you like to keep things closer to home, why not work from there? All that is needed to start a successful sugaring business are the sugaring products, a business license, a sugaring table, your sugaring certificate, and of course, your clients!

It is that simple to work from home! Some people have been able to keep a full-time job while sugaring on the side. Alternatively, if you’re the type that is looking for something that doesn’t revolve around the typical 9-5 daily routine, sugaring may be what you are looking for! (Please use due diligence when opening an in-home salon, as local laws about the practice of sugaring may vary.)

Feel Good About Working with Eco-Friendly Products

One of the many benefits of sugaring is that it is environmentally friendly and all-natural. Sugar paste is made from three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water. There are no harmful chemicals, and the used sugar can be easily dissolved with water. As the world continues to move towards more eco-friendly practices, it’s perfect to be able to provide such an environmentally friendly esthetic experience!
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