Does Sugaring Lead to Reduced Hair Growth?

Body hair can be a pain. Many men and women would prefer that their bodies were hair-free at all times. (Besides their top-hair and eyebrows!) There are a wide variety of ways to remove unwanted hair, from temporary to permanent. When exploring different options, people typically consider how long the results will last and the long-term effects of the treatment. When deciding if sugaring is right for them, people typically ask, ‘Does sugaring lead to reduced hair growth?’ We all wish the answer were straightforward, but there is a lot to consider when answering this question! Read on as we outline what you can expect from sugaring with regard to permanent hair reduction.

Does Sugaring Lead To Reduced Hair Growth?

Over time, sugaring will lead to reduced hair growth. The best results arise from keeping a regular sugaring schedule and by ensuring that you do not use any other form of hair removal in between treatments.

That said, everyone is different. One person may notice a reduction in hair growth within a few months, while other clients may not see a reduction for a few years. 

How Does Sugaring Lead to Reduced Hair Growth?

Sugaring is a form of epilation, which is hair removal directly at the root. Epilation is distinct from depilation, which is the cutting, or otherwise removal, of the hair at the skin level.

With epilation, clients are hair-free for a more extended period because the follicle must grow an entirely new hair bulb, and the hair will need to grow up the entire hair shaft before it emerges from the skin. Furthermore, each time the hair is removed while it is still connected to the blood supply (anagen stage), it damages the follicle and the follicle wall tends to collapse. Eventually, with enough treatments, the follicle may completely collapse, and the hair will no longer grow.

How to Maximize Hair Reduction When Sugaring

Consistency is King

The best way to increase the likelihood of permanent or reduced hair growth is to remain consistent with your sugaring appointments. It is essential to have your hair removed when it is in the early anagen stage. To accomplish this your sugarist will provide you with the best time frame for your sugaring appointments, based on the area of the body being sugared. Following this advice will significantly increase the likelihood of achieving lasting hair-growth reduction. 

Avoid Shaving Between Appointments

Invariably, something will come up that tempts you to do a quick shave between sugaring appointments. Whether it be a pool party or a hot date a few days before your typical appointment time, try to avoid shaving at all costs. Shaving between appointments will throw off the growth cycle, making it less likely that your sugarist will be removing hair in the anagen stage of growth at upcoming sugaring appointments. 


Exfoliating sugared skin is also vital to achieving your goal of permanent hair reduction. If the hair is ingrown, it will not be removed during your sugaring appointment. The follicle wall will not collapse, and you won’t be getting any closer to your growth reduction goal. Exfoliate every day, except for the day before, the day of, and the day after your appointment.  

By following these tips, you will begin to see a reduction in hair growth. Over time, as the hair follicle depletes, the hair grown will weaken, and eventually, it may even stop altogether!