Sugaring Vs Shaving

Are you tired of having to shave EVERY SINGLE DAY? Shaving every day, and then having hair make its appearance only a few hours later, can be very frustrating! Thankfully, sugaring is an option for you! Continue reading as we explore the pros and cons in our comparison of sugaring and shaving. 

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a form of semi-permanent hair removal that removes hair directly from the root (epilation). The sugar paste is applied by hand in the opposite direction of hair growth, and then gently flicked off the skin in the direction of growth, removing the hair with it. Sugaring appointments are recommended approximately every four weeks. 

sugaring vs waxing

What is shaving?

While you are likely already familiar with shaving, it is worth pointing out that shaving does not remove the hair but only cuts it flush with the skin (depilation). You will therefore experience rapid regrowth. Most people find they will need to shave again within 2-3 days. Some people even shave daily!

Sugaring Vs. Shaving: Why Sugaring Is Better

Almost every person we know who has tried sugaring has never gone back to shaving. If you have read the amazing benefits of sugaring then you will know why!

Sugaring Removes Hair At The Root

When shaving, you are cutting the hair at the surface of your skin. As soon as your hair grows even the smallest amount, you will notice the regrowth. For some people, this can happen as early as the same day. (5 o’clock shadow, anyone?)

Regular sugaring can remove hair at the root. A new hair bulb will have to be regrown. Additionally, the hair will have to make its way up through the entire hair shaft before it emerges from the skin, leaving you thoroughly hair-free for a longer duration than with shaving. When shaving, you may need to remove the hair daily, whereas you only need to sugar once a month!

Razor Bumps Become a Thing of The Past

Many people suffer from razor bumps after shaving. These can show up as early as the very next day and can make shaving again the last thing you will want to do! Switching to sugar can help you avoid these altogether!

Positive Effects on the Skin

Here’s a little experiment for you to try: shave one leg and sugar the other.  Compare the two to see how different your skin will look when sugaring vs. shaving. Sugar is an exfoliant, meaning you will have both dead skin cells and hair removed during your treatment. Your skin is left feeling smooth AND baby soft. Shaving, on the other hand, is a skin irritant. The friction from the blade on your skin can cause an unwanted reaction, commonly known as ‘razor burn.’


Shaving does not affect the regrowth of your hair. Despite popular belief, shaving will not make your hair grow back thicker or denser. That said, it can make it appear that way! Since you are cutting the hair shaft at the thickest point, this is what you will see and feel as the hair regrows, giving it the appearance of thicker, denser growth. What shaving will certainly NOT do is reduce regrowth. If you continue to shave, your hair will continue to grow at the same speed it always has. 

Sugaring, on the other hand, leads to a reduction in growth. The longer you have been regularly sugaring, the less regrowth you will have.

Time Investment

 How much of your life is spent shaving your legs day after day? According to VMedical, women spend an average of 1723 hours of their life shaving their legs! To put this into perspective, if one monthly trip to the sugaring salon takes about 45-minutes, 1723 hours is roughly the same as about 191 years worth of monthly sugaring treatments! 

Sugaring is becoming hugely popular because more and more women are realizing the amazing benefits of sugaring. Why not join the movement? Give up shaving and embrace sugaring! You may even want to consider a career in sugaring. SugarSMAC’s sugaring classes will train you to become a certified sugarist and can provide you with a substantial income as you service an ever-expanding sugaring community!