Brows or Brozilians? It’s Up to You!

We want to talk to you today about how to effectively advertise your services. We understand that some of you may still be inexperienced in sugaring certain areas of the body. It is essential to state both the services you do, as well as the services you do not, ensuring that people will know what you offer. It is your responsibility to ensure there is no confusion about which services people can expect to receive from you. 

If you do not offer a service, consider making a note of it in your service offerings menu. For example, if you are not yet comfortable offering brazilians, a small note made at the bottom of the menu can save your clients time, since they won’t have to inquire with you as to why the service isn’t listed. For example, ‘*Please note, we do not offer brazilians at this time. Thank you for your understanding.’

Are you qualified and comfortable servicing both male and female clients? If you are only comfortable performing female brazilians, this should be clearly stated, making it easier for potential male clientele to identify that you are unable to assist them, and allow them to quickly and easily move on to other salons that can accommodate them. One way to make your services known, without even needing to refer to gender, is to instead identify your services by the body part being sugared. On a practical note, you  may also consider charging all genital sugaring prices, regardless of gender, by the time that is taken, since genital sugaring times are extremely variable.

As sugarists, we tend to specialize. Whether it is brows or brazilians, this is also worth mentioning. If you are great at eyebrows and want more clients in that area, make this known. Highlight the services you are good at as well as any of your qualifications that go ‘above and beyond’. This will help you take control of your business and do more of the services you want. For example, if you love doing brazilians and want to grow your brazilian clientele, highlight the fact that you took additional training or that you have extensive experience.  When you do this you are sure to see more brazilian bookings! 

We see the same thing when it comes to eyebrows. People are always looking for a brow queen! If that is you, make sure you advertise yourself as such. It is always an option to keep your service menu generic, offering the sugaring of every body part. However, if you wish to specialize in a specific area, make that known right on your menu. This will help you grow your business in the direction you choose!

Have any questions regarding how to present yourself and the services that you offer? Feel free to ask us for assistance. We would be happy to help!