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If you are a salon owner who is considering switching from wax to sugar or are a licensed sugarist who is considering trying a new body sugaring paste, we recommend trying our amazing products. Curious why? Read on as we discuss the reasons why you should switch to SugarSMAC.

Easy, Online Ordering

Ordering our product is incredibly easy. It takes less than five minutes to register an account on our website. Then, you can easily see all the products that we offer and place an order directly on our website.

Free, Lightning-Fast Shipping

With a minimum order of only $200, you can get free shipping via UPS in as little as three business days!

Plenty of Body Sugaring Paste Varieties

SugarSMAC has a total of four body sugaring paste varieties. Firm, Classic, Lush, and our newest variety, Ultra-Lush! With so many variations of body sugaring paste, we have a type of sugar for every sugarist, regardless of the humidity or of the body part being sugared!

Beautiful Packaging

SugarSMAC products stand out from the crowd! Our body sugaring paste features a sleek, black, gold, and chrome design, and our backbar & Boutique lines complement the paste perfectly. Your clients will love the looks of your SugarSMAC products!

body sugaring paste

‘Glitz for Your Bitz’: the SugarSMAC Extensive Aftercare Line

SugarSMAC has an ever-growing line of phenomenal aftercare products: our ‘Glitz for Your Bitz’ retail line. Our retail line includes Tonic and Lotion, used to soothe the post-sugared skin and help keep it free from ingrowns. In the event of an ingrown, our ingrown serum exfoliates the dead skin cells and clears up ingrowns in a few short days. Lastly, we have our homemade, ultra-exfoliating soap bar. Our soap bar is infused with ground loofah for exfoliation purposes, and is sealed in biodegradable packaging. We also have new aftercare products coming soon. Stay tuned!

The wholesale price of our extensive aftercare line allows you to increase your profits with minimal effort. Our aftercare line meets all of your client’s post-sugaring needs. Best of all, your clients will love them, so they will basically sell themselves! Stock up on these products and get ready for the profits to roll in!

SugarSMAC Glitz for your Bitz Tonic

All-Natural Ingredients

If you were to peek into our medicine cabinets, you would know how serious we are about all-natural ingredients. We spent years researching and testing high potency products, choosing only those that bring the most benefits to freshly, sugared skin. These all-natural ingredients include lavender, chamomile, calendula, and tea-tree oil. Our products have been created to care for skin that has been sugared. Using our proven products will help the skin stay clean, soft, supple, and in-grown free.

Only the Best Education

SugarSMAC knows that efficient and effective sugaring is a challenge to master. That is why we offer the highest quality sugaring education. We have very high standards, and only the most experienced sugarists are chosen to certify our future SugarSMAC sugarists. Additionally, each of our educators offer a personal guarantee to their students: they will help them perfect the art of sugaring with follow-up support for as long as it may take.

Further Questions?

At SugarSMAC, we have worked hard to ensure that we will provide the absolute best body sugaring paste and products to our clients. If you are thinking about switching to SugarSMAC, please feel free to email us at We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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