What Is Sugaring?

What is sugaring, you ask? Sugaring is a hair removal technique that has been practised for centuries. It is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt and is rumoured to have been the method of hair removal used by Cleopatra herself! So what is it exactly?

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring removes hair using a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water. These ingredients are combined and heated to create a sticky paste. This paste is applied to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. The technician then flicks the sugar paste off in the direction of growth, removing the hair with it. It is one of the most gentle techniques for removing unwanted body hair and offers many benefits and advantages.

What is Sugaring?

Benefits of Sugaring

Sugaring has many benefits that you don’t receive from other methods of hair removal. These benefits include the following:

1. Sugaring Will Never Burn You

Sugar is typically applied at or around body temperature. Sugar will never burn you, and unlike hot wax, the low temperature of sugar doesn’t contribute to swelling. 

2. Sugaring Leads to Less Breakage

Sugar is removed in the direction of hair growth. This leads to less breakage and results in less ingrown hairs. It also allows you to enjoy smoother results for a longer period of time, since more hairs are removed entirely from the root.

3. Sugaring Removes Hair with an All-Natural Product

Have you ever read the label of a product and still had no clue what was in it? This won’t be the case with sugaring! So what is sugaring paste made of exactly? Sugar paste is an all-natural product made from three simple ingredients: lemon, sugar, and water. That is all you will ever find in our sugar paste!

4. Sugar Paste is Easy to Remove from the Skin

Have you ever put your clothes back on after a wax, only to find that they are sticking to you? You don’t have this problem with sugar! Sugar typically doesn’t leave much residue. Even if it did, you could easily dissolve it with a little bit of hot water. No special oils required!

5. Regular Sugaring Leads to a Reduction of Hair Growth

With regular sugaring, you will eventually enjoy a reduction of hair growth. Regular sugaring removes hair by the root. This depletes the hair follicle, and over time will cause the hairs grown to weaken. Eventually, it may even stop hair growth altogether.

Lemons used to make sugar paste

Should You Consider Switching to Sugar?

If you are a salon owner that is considering making the switch from wax to sugar, there are many reasons for doing so. The fantastic benefits mentioned above make sugaring the perfect option for clients with even the most sensitive skin. Its gentle nature leaves a client’s skin less irritated and red then waxing. Additionally, the sugaring profession is still not as well known as waxing. This means less competition because most salons have not yet switched to sugaring.

If you are considering switching your salon to sugar, please feel free to contact us! We offer classes for your entire staff, and have top of the line products that will leave your customers with smooth, healthy, hair-free, and irritation-free skin!