Benefits of Sugaring for Your Clients

Now that we have gone over why sugaring is beneficial for you as a technician, let’s look at things from the client’s perspective. Of course, every benefit on this list is useful for you as well, since a happy customer is guaranteed to become a long-term client. It’s important to have this list memorized inside and out. You need to be able to educate your clients so they know why sugaring is superior and can, therefore, make an educated decision on whether or not it is the right form of hair removal for them.

Sugar is Made With Only Natural Ingredients

Clients can get sugared with confidence, knowing that sugar is made with only high-quality, all-natural ingredients. In fact, sugar consists of only lemon, sugar, and water!

Sugaring Hurts Less

Getting sugared is less painful than other popular forms of epilation, including waxing. This is because the sugar doesn’t stick to the deeper, functional skin cells, and because the sugar is removed in the direction of hair growth. Additionally, each and every sugaring appointment can cause the hair to grow back weaker and thinner. This means that every sugaring appointment will be less painful than the last!

Sugaring Results in Less Ingrown Hairs

Sugar seeps into the hair follicle and coats the hair shaft when it is applied to the skin. This gives it a better grip on the hair. This, combined with the fact that sugar is removed in the direction of growth, causes more hairs to be successfully removed than with other hair removal methods. When breakage occurs, ingrowns can happen. This is why people who get sugaring done are less likely to get them than those who have been waxing.

Sugar Will Never Burn The Client

You will never burn your client sugaring. Our sugar is meant to be used warm. In fact, if you ever got the sugar hot enough to burn your client, it would be an unusable, sticky mess!

Sugar Gently Exfoliates and Never Removes Living Skin

As a water-soluble product, sugar doesn’t stick to the functional layers of dead skin cells. When sugar is removed, it only takes with it the top-most, loose (dead) cells. Since wax  adheres more tightly to the skin, functional (dead) skin cells are often removed. In rare cases, waxing can remove the entire top layer of dead cells, and even some of the live skin cells underneath (called ‘lifting’). This will never happen when sugaring!. Removing the loose, dead cells during a sugaring treatment, leaves you not only hair-free but safely exfoliated as well!

Sugaring Can Lead to Permanent Hair Reduction

Each and every time your client is sugared at the Anagen stage of growth, their hair will often grow back weaker and thinner. Over time, the hair follicle may stop producing hair altogether. If you have clients that have been sugaring for years, they may require very little maintenance, as most of their follicles have stopped growing hair entirely!


Your clients will love how sanitary sugaring is! Some technicians double-dip their waxing sticks to save on product, cost, and time. Many clients, therefore, love the peace of mind that comes with sugaring. There is absolutely nothing to reuse, so they will never need to stress over sanitation procedures!

It’s essential to educate your clients on these benefits. Only when your clients are adequately educated will they know exactly how fantastic sugaring is! The more people who know about these benefits, the quicker the word will spread, and the faster sugaring will be able to take over as the top hair removal technique! (Meaning more clients for us all!)