Why You Should Start Offering Sugaring to Your Clients

Sugaring has many well-known benefits for our clients. However, sugaring also offers a ton of benefits for the technician. These benefits tend to be less talked about, but we think they are just as important! If you are trying to make a career out of esthetics, it’s essential for you to know the service options you have available and why they benefit you.

Sugaring is a fantastic opportunity for both estheticians and non-estheticians alike. Even with no cosmetology training, you can quickly learn the skills to offer sugaring. Our in-depth classes teach you about the skin, skin conditions, and all the anatomy and methodology behind sugaring that makes it a superior technique. With this training, you can work in a salon, or open a business out of your home immediately. Why choose sugaring? Well, let us tell you!

The Popularity of Sugaring is Booming

A huge reason to offer sugaring is the enormous demand. Each day, more and more women are learning about the benefits of sugaring and are eager to try it. However, unlike waxing salons, which you can usually find on every street corner, places that offer sugaring are still few and far between. There is way less competition in the sugaring market, and if you have proper technique, your clientele is sure to multiply!

Sugar Paste is Made With Natural Ingredients

Sugar paste is made with only three simple ingredients: lemon, sugar, and water. As a sugarist, you are in a unique position to offer an all-natural service to clients that are on the hunt for all-natural products! As the trend towards natural, chemical-free products continues, so will the trend towards sugaring.

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Sugaring is Fast and Profitable

Once you become proficient in sugaring, you can sugar far more quickly than you would be able to wax. It is typical for sugarists to make up to $100/hour when they are booked.

Sugar Is Super Easy to Clean

No longer will you have to spend money on wax remover and take time to scrape wax off the floor. No matter how experienced an esthetician you are, you will most likely drip wax or sugar at some point. With sugar, this is no big deal! Simply get a wet cloth, give the sugar a quick wipe, and you’re done!

Stripes and Sticks Aren’t Needed

You don’t need to use cloth strips or wooden sticks when sugaring. That means you can spend less money on purchasing supplies, and also produce less waste! It’s a win-win!

Sugar Won’t Burn Your Client

As my fellow estheticians will know, you need to continually monitor your wax to make sure it is at the proper temperature; turning it down the closer the wax pot gets to being empty. Before applying the wax to your client’s skin, you always need to check to make sure it isn’t too hot. Not with sugar, ladies! Your sugar will never be hot enough to burn a client!

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You Can Remove Hair as Short as ⅛  of an Inch

One of the biggest complaints clients have about waxing is how long they have to wait for their hair to grow back before getting it removed again. However, with sugar, your client’s hair can be half as long as is necessary with wax! That means your client can come in more often, resulting in more profit for you and less unwanted waiting for your client.

Join the Sugaring Movement

Sugaring is exploding right now! New sugaring salons are opening up every day, and existing salons are making the switch from wax to sugar. So what are you waiting for? Send us an email and join the sugaring movement today!

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Start Offering Sugaring to Your Clients”

  1. Hey Jason,

    Found your website and a customer: Teddi.
    Your packaging looks great. The certification issue jumps out at you too. Typing in “body sugaring” got me to a lot of estheticians. One promoted sugar smac.
    Typing in sugarsmac got me your website.

    Teddi thinks she should try it for herself and on my back!
    When she contacts you remind her to also buy for her girls. Three times the volume and three times the hype.
    She wants to know how to do it properly. Sounds like she needs to at least see an online video.

    I am going to leave her email address so you can respond directly to Teddi.


    1. Hi, Wynn.

      If Teddi is interested in learning how to sugar (for that back of yours) we run 2-day courses here in the city almost monthly. She should definitely participate in one. Sugaring is a lot more of an art form than, say, waxing. An online video will likely lead to frustration and a sticky mess. Tell her to get in contact with me if she is serious about taking up body sugaring as hobby (or more).

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