Can I Sugar My Clients When They are Pregnant?

A question that is commonly asked of many sugarists is, “Can I get sugared if I’m pregnant?” The answer is a straightforward, “Yes!” Expecting women can get sugared the same way as women who are not pregnant. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Sugar is Safe For the Entirety of the Pregnancy

It doesn’t matter which trimester your client is in or even when they are due. Sugaring is entirely safe, up to and including the due date. Many women like to get sugaring done in preparation for having the baby. They feel cleaner and more comfortable that way. You may get clients that don’t bother sugaring or waxing regularly, but just want it to be done during the pregnancy. That is completely okay! Other clients may decide to give it a try when shaving becomes too difficult. Whatever the case, you can sugar them with confidence, knowing that sugaring is safe to start at any time.

sugaring during pregnancy

Fluctuating Hormones Can Lead to Increased Pain

It is essential to be well educated when it comes to offering sugaring to clients that are pregnant. One of our jobs as sugarists is to prepare our clients for their treatment by letting them know what they can expect from each appointment. In the case of pregnancy, women’s pain tolerance levels can fluctuate at any given time. When your client is expecting, let them know before their appointment that hormone levels can increase the discomfort associated with sugaring. This way, they won’t be surprised or confused if it is hurting more than they were anticipating.

Hair Can Grow Differently During The Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, fluctuating hormone levels can make their hair grow differently then it usually does. Hair can grow thicker, darker, and faster than it did before the pregnancy. It can also start growing in places that it previously didn’t! If a client is upset about getting hair in areas where she usually doesn’t, make sure you let her know that this is normal.. The good news? The places that commonly experience this excess growth during pregnancy, such as the face, stomach, nipples, and feet, are all areas that can be sugared!

Since most expecting mothers are looking for the most natural products to keep themselves and their future baby safe during pregnancy, it is common to see a client for the first time when they are pregnant. This is an excellent opportunity to educate them on the benefits of sugaring and gain a client who will continue to enjoy the benefits of sugaring long after their pregnancy has ended. If you take the time to educate your clients, they will surely leave the salon happy, and you will be well on your way to building a solid clientele!